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Boosting Productivity and Securing Links: Tackling the 3pm Slump

We’ve all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump, where our energy levels dip, and we feel less productive. So, in our latest campaign with Protein Works, we aimed to find out which part of your diet causes this and to provide tips on overcoming it. Spoiler alert: those sugary snacks aren’t helping.


Protein Works came to Bottled Imagination to enhance their PR efforts and emphasise their brand messaging: great taste and excellent nutrition. For this campaign, The Protein Works aimed to discuss the specific effects of various nutritional diets, with the ultimate goal of securing coverage and links in target publications.

At the beginning of each retainer, we compile a list of our clients’ dream publications, always striving to check them off. This campaign did just that.


Protein Works is dedicated to nutrition and health. To position them as thought leaders in the field and secure links in key publications, we conducted an in-depth study on the effects of various breakfast routines on daily productivity.

The study monitored individuals’ productivity levels hourly for five days to identify when they experienced slumps and what foods, drinks, and distractions they commonly turned to. The extensive data collection provided numerous angles for press outreach. Once we conducted the study we created a page on Protein Works website giving journalists a reason to link back to the website.

Unique data isn’t always easy to get your hands on for an agency, but by going the extra mile to run a thorough study we had data no one else had. The headline for journalists was clear:

It’s official… 3:06 pm is identified as the exact time when most Brits experience their afternoon slump.


The campaign received 36 pieces of coverage with 31 linking back to our client. With an average DA of 85, this campaign built links in both target publications and more importantly, our client’s dream publications.






Average DA

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