Twelve years ago, two people met in a restaurant. One, a chef… the other, a waitress. No, this isn’t the missing verse of Sk8er Boi.

Over a decade later, these two people (and one other they picked up along the way…hey Luke) decided it was time to create something exciting to bring some imagination back into the PR industry.

The result? Bottled Imagination.

Our agency has one goal: do good work. Great work, even. Using unparalleled creativity to outshine the generic, churned-out, recycled ideas the industry has been saturated with.

From our roots in Sheffield to our home in Manchester, we want to bring together the best of the best, collaborating on exciting projects and producing work that will make the competition jealous and our clients proud, all while being a supportive and inspirational place to work.

We are an agency that puts culture first.

Meet the team

James Hayward-Browne

Marketing Director

Katy Powell

PR Director

Luke Cope

Creative Strategy Director


Use your imagination.

It’s kind of in the name. Different ideas, different formats, different ways of gathering data: we get creative in every stage of the process to make sure we stand out.


Do good work.

Half the battle is making sure you’re just doing good, creative, measurable work. Once this is nailed, everything else will fall into place.


Don’t be a di**head.

Be kind, it’s not hard.


Be curious.

Everyone you work with has different skills, backgrounds and talents. Talk to each other, ask questions and learn.