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off the field, into the media: interviewing sporting stars to earn hundreds of links

From England legend Michael Owen to tennis great Andrew Castle, over the past year, we’ve been interviewing sporting royalty to snag top-tier media coverage for our client. After countless interviews, more blanket coverage than in a snowstorm, and thousands of YouTube views, AceOdds has teed up nearly every major sports publication out there.



Long-standing client AceOdds initially approached Bottled Imagination to safeguard their impressive position in the SERPs while also enhancing sitewide visibility through digital PR. To achieve this, we were tasked with acquiring high-quality links from a diverse range of publications, spanning nationals to niche. Gaining links in publications where our competitors have never been featured will provide us with a competitive edge, resulting in a more diverse and relevant backlink profile.

But how did we go about this at scale? Well, you better read on.


The target audience for AceOdds is sports fans, and sports fans read a lot of regular sport content. However, we recognise that not every sports fan is the same – some prefer football, others tennis, and some are boxing enthusiasts. How, then, could we ensure that we reach every type of fan with content that is timely and relevant?

The answer lies in interviews. But not just any interviews – we engaged with sporting greats from a variety of sports. Our roster includes interviews with prominent figures such as Carl Froch, Michael Owen, Ray Parlour, Andrew Castle, and many more.

For each interview, we secured exclusives with target publications while also reaching out to the broader press. Conducting regular interviews allowed us to gain sporting insights into current industry events, providing timely and relevant content for journalists.

But that’s not all – we recorded every interview and leveraged the content to create YouTube videos and blog posts, contributing to an extensive library of sporting insights on the AceOdds website and YouTube channel.

The results speak for themselves.


On-going sporting interviews at the time of writing have secured 440 pieces of coverage globally with over 259 links back to the AceOdds website. These aren’t just any links. These links are high-authority, highly relevant, and from top-quality publications. We don’t count sh*t links at Bottled Imagination.  






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