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launching temporary festival car insurance for the summer season

A digital PR campaign that focussed on a category-specific part of the Uswitch website. A creative campaign with unique data that actually provided a solution to a problem.


Uswitch wanted to focus on its car insurance vertical, specifically targeting young drivers. What better way to engage young drivers than to identify a problem and create a solution with an existing product?

Introducing temporary festival car insurance.


With festival season lurking around the corner, the media and Brits were buzzing, and the chatter was only getting louder.

Loads of folks roll up to festivals, but let’s face it, some shouldn’t be steering their way back home. But they do.

We fired up a survey among festival-goers to spill the “tea” on their drinking habits. Surprise, surprise—it turns out a bunch of people are hitting the road when they probably shouldn’t. Enter festival car insurance. Your mate could now swoop in, save the day, and chauffeur your wheels home if you’ve had one too many.

We updated the existing product page on the Uswitch site to give journalists the reason to link directly to the category page.

Not only that, we wanted to get the message out on social too. We whipped up a host of assets to blitz across Uswitch’s channels. Stats, problems, and solutions—all rolled up into neat carousels talking directly to the target audience.

We didn’t stop at identifying a problem we turned it into a festival-sized solution. Cheers to safer roads and wilder festivals.


Along with all the engagement the social assets received, we earned over 100 links in both national and regional press we saw an increase in visibility in the temporary car insurance category directly after we launched this campaign.



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