Webinar: 14th August 3pm (UK GMT+1) /  10am (USA EST)

RUNWAY TO RANKINGS: HOW TO Fashion a Digital PR Strategy that boosts your key categories

If you're seeking to skyrocket your fashion brand's visibility and organic search rankings, this webinar is for you.

Learn how to craft a Digital PR strategy that boosts your key categories in the eyes of search engines and fashion enthusiasts alike, even as trends are changing.

From the team that executed PR strategies for the high streets leading brands including boohoo and luxury retailer Fenwick, we will unravel the secrets of staying ahead in this fast paced industry.

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How to create a Digital PR strategy that boosts your key categories in organic search. Using an opportunity analysis we show where are the biggest opportunities on site and where those links will make the biggest difference to the bottom line.

PR formats and executions

From creative campaigns to reactive PR – we will ensure you land in your dream publications and how to jump in on trending conversations

Measuring PR success

Explore real-world case studies where we reveal how we measured PR effectiveness, providing valuable insights for you and your boss.


Luke Cope

Creative Strategy Director

Thinking up the strategy behind the story, Luke has been the man behind countless award-winning campaign ideas. Just don’t ask him where he goes to think of them (spoiler: it’s the bath).

Katy Powell

PR Director

Katy’s an expert in all things PR, thinking up ideas that take over the internet and putting brands front and centre in trending conversations. Nothing distracts her when she’s in the PR zone - apart from a Britney Spears megamix.

James Hayward-Browne

Marketing Director

From scaling up start-ups to making big names even bigger, James is an award-winning marketer with more brands under his belt than tennis tournaments he’s won. And there’s been a lot.