Planned Imagination

Search Strategy & Digital PR

When it comes to digital PR and link building, every bit of activity should be underpinned by a solid PR & Search strategy. Strategy that can prove business value beyond the link back to your site.

Planned imagination will give you an in-depth strategies along with the creative campaigns/reactive PR to hit those objectives. All focused around the areas of your site that are worth the most in organic search revenue.



Planned Imagination

We’re selling it by the bottle

When it comes to digital PR, the campaigns with the best results always have one thing in common: a solid strategy. Strategy influences the way the campaign looks. The way it sounds. The way we sell it. It also proves the business value beyond the number of backlinks the campaign produces. Basically, it’s really important, and should be a huge part of the PR process.

We don’t overlook its importance. With Planned Imagination, we’ll give you in-depth strategies alongside creative campaigns to show you how we can hit your objectives – and then some.

Search & PR Strategy

Every Planned Imagination project starts with the strategy. We’ll research which site categories we can make the biggest impact on, build links to key areas of your site, and even analyse which links are missing from your backlink profile. With each element in place, we’ll run a campaign that hits every target, bringing palpable value to your business.

Digital PR

Through campaigns or reactive PR, we will monitor trends, media moments and newsworthy events to position you at the centre of the conversation. Our relationships with journalists and knowledge of your audience means we’ll get your story told in the places that matter.