Crafted Imagination

Content Strategy & Production

Whilst our PR team are busy increasing your sites authority, our Strategy team is obsessed with your site’s relevance.

Crafted Imagination is all about making your site relevant to your visitors and to the search engines. It’s imaginative, well thought out content that matches the intent of the user consuming it. Words, video, graphics…whatever format is needed to end the search query, we’ll create it.



Crafted Imagination

We’re selling it by the bottle

Crafted Imagination ensures your site is the most relevant listing in the SERPs for your key category areas. This can be a full funnel content strategy that integrates with our PR and overall strategies. Or, it can sits as its own offering. Either way, we craft the best possible expert content in the form best matched to the search intent, to make sure your site visitors have all the information they need to be able to convert.

Content Strategy

Every good search strategy includes an audit of your current content followed by an in depth strategy for your content. We start with an audit and keyword research, focused on your key categories. Then in order of commercial value and realism we map out what content you need and in what form in order to smash the SERPs.

Content Production

Crafted content production that isn’t just wafer thin blog posts. We will produce the absolute best piece of content that will end the search queries that it is targeting. Written, video, graphic – it’s content production with an imagination.