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Forget days of the year calendars – this is the resource you actually need. We understand the temptation to create content around popular days like Valentine’s Day or other annual events – even National Pie Day. Pieminister, that day is all yours.

There is a lot of pressure to keep an always-on PR and social calendar, and days of the year can be an easy fall back. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss. But don’t feel obligated to jump on every trending day. It is not the best use of your time and may not even resonate with your target audience.

So, what is this resource? Well, it’s a juicy one.

We’ve delved into the most content-worthy days of the year – you know, so you know which days is worth creating content for. By analysing a mix of search volume, article counts, and social media data, we’ve pinpointed which days are most conducive to get people talking and which ones journalists love writing about.

Just because it’s a specific day of the year doesn’t guarantee widespread coverage from journalists or social media users. So, while you may think a certain day is ripe for content creation and you just NEED to jump on it, it might not get the attention you expect.

Of course, approach this data objectively. You can create a compelling story on any day of the year and any event. Ultimately, it’s the story that wins and creativity is what drives it forward.

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Alright marketers, let’s dive right in.


Fun Facts

We all love a little headline stat in PR right? Well here’s some that we picked out..


      • March has the most content-worthy days of the year

      • There is more content written and posted on social media about International Women’s Day than Christmas Day

      • Dogs are officially more content-worthy than cats

      • There is more search volume for National Boyfriend day than National Girlfriend day but more TikTok views for National Girlfriend Day

      • Star Wars Day is more popular than Mean Girls’ Day

      • Star Wars Day gets more engagement than Palm Sunday

      • Dry January is more popular with the press than Veganuary

      • There is more TikTok content produced for Galentines Day than April Fools Day

      • Coffee is better than Tea in all areas

    • Earth Day gets more engagement than Christmas


Overall most marketable days

Let’s kick things off with a deep dive into the overall index -The gold standard of national days. Take Valentine’s Day – with over 5.8 million searches, 69,458 articles published, and a staggering 6.1 billion Instagram hashtags, it’s no wonder this day tops our list with a score of 100 out of 100. Similarly, Black Friday commands attention with its massive search volume, social media buzz and not forgetting those lovely product round-ups, earning it a spot at the top alongside Valentine’s Day. But we could have guessed those ones, right? Perhaps more interesting is how high Galentines Day and Lazy Day are on the list. More lazy day content,please.



The most press-worthy days

Next up, let’s take a closer look at the days that capture the attention of the press. These are the days that journalists love to cover, making them prime opportunities for media outreach and PR campaigns. Unsurprisingly, Halloween and Black Friday lead the pack, boasting significant search volumes and article counts. With hundreds of thousands of articles being written around these days, they offer ample opportunities for brands to secure valuable media placements and generate buzz. Who doesn’t love a good Halloween campaign?



The most searched days

If you’re looking to capitalise on search trends, this one is for you. We’ve identified the days that capture the public’s interest and curiosity, making them ideal for creating blog content that will help online visibility and attract organic traffic. Of course, a lot of these terms are super competitive in the SERPs but if you can create content AND build links to them when search interest is increasing you will put yourself in the best possible position.



Top viewed days on TikTok

Finally, let’s explore the days that dominate social media. Now we get to see the fun side of social media with the appearance of Staw Wars Day and April Fools these days are tailor-made for viral content and community engagement. With millions of Instagram hashtags and TikTok views, these days offer endless opportunities for brands to connect with their audience and drive engagement.

*There is a slight caveat here, Halloween is not just a popular day of the year but also a film so this could skew the amount of content views on the platform.




In a world where every day seems to be a holiday and it is possibly the easiest way to create content, it’s essential to focus on the days that offer the most significant potential for content creation and engagement.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or World Environment Day, choose your content opportunities wisely and let your creativity shine – I don’t want to see a fashion brand jumping on every single day possible.


The dataset

Here it is – the full data set. You might want to bookmark this page ready to validate any ideation around national days or days of the year. Use this data as ammo in deciding which days you want to target for your PR campaigns- it could save you a lot of time in creating content that just won’t hit.

You can scroll through the months, search key terms, or search for the month we are in.

These Datawrappers are quite handy.

The methodology

Article data was found within a one-month time period before and after each day of the year 2023 using BuzzSumo. TikTok data was obtained by manually searching each hashtag and recording both views and the number of posts for each day. Instagram hashtags were also manually identified through desk research. Search volume was recorded using Keyword Tool, and a weighted index was created from each score to generate an index out of 100. All data was recorded in February 2024.